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it is actually really sweet when someone stays up late to talk to you

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send me a fruit c:


Strawberry - I’m in love with you.

Cherry - I love you.

Watermelon - I think you’re cute.

Blueberry - You’re amazing.

Kiwi- You’re pretty

Rasberry - You’re hot.

Paopu Fruit - I would date you.

Grapes - I could stay on your blog for hours.

Lemon - You are my tumblr crush.

Orange - I want to get to know you.

Tangerine - We have a lot in common.

Lemon - I wish you would notice me.

Lime - I don’t talk to you but I really love your blog.

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I’m running on no sleep, but my wings are flawless today.

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Vernazza, Italy

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1. Kiss like you mean it.
2. Remember their birthday, every year.
3. Make them feel special, even on a monday night with a forecast of rain.
4. Befriend their Mom, she will tell you stories that no one else can.
5. Order each other food at restaurants, just to try something new.
6. Shower together, you may learn to love your body, by seeing the desire and passion in your partners eyes.
7. Leave notes when you go out for the day, it will make you feel safe.
8. Watch the Breakfast Club, and pump up your fist in the end, even if it only happens once.
9. Care for each other when sick, soup is the easiest thing to make.
10. Make chocolate covered strawberries in summer simply because you can.
11. Go fishing with their Dad, and listen to what he has to say, even if he may have trouble saying it.
12. Give each other little presents, even if its just a rose on friday the 13th.
13. Get angry, but forgive.
14. Love, love with all you’ve got.
-(14 things to remember in a relationship)

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The real difference between cats & dogs

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last night i woke up because two dudes were fighting underneath my window and one dude kept screaming “BRO!! BRO YOU CALLED ME A BITCH IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE BAR BRO!! THE WHOLE BAR!! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT BRO??” he sounded so heart broken. why bro. why did you do this.

et tu, brote?

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Ducklings have great brakes.

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